Last of the Home Rulers”: – conveys the progress and transformations that have taken place in the deliberate and accidental incidents which have occurred down through the years. One can get a sense of the heartbeat of the club from a myriad of snapshots in time in interviews with some of its members and the sense of loyalty and attachment that has helped the club to survive through difficult periods. It is truly a social record and presents the vibrant and varied activities that take place there presently, coloured by a particular pride in our Gaelic heritage, ….

Charlie O’Neill author of “The Floating Feather”, a collection of Irish Traditional Music from Co Kilkenny

Last of the Home Rulers” can be purchased by contacting Club. 


Audio Clips

1. Peggy’s Tours (F Hayes)

2. Peggy’s Tours (Fishing)

3. Peggy’s Tours (Poc ar Buile)

4. Peggy’s Tours (Eileen Larkin)

5. Peggy’s Tours (Boys on River)

6. Country Pub in Town (Trad 1)

7. Country Pub in Town (Trad 2)

8. Country Pub in Town (New Year)

9. Country Pub in Town (Kerwick)

10. Volunteers 125 years (Archives)

11. Volunteers 125 years (Trip Killarney)